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The only Stock and Forex analysis platform you'll ever need in your life

Save time and money. Let AI analyze the data for you.

Over 165 features analyzed per stock every day.

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Advanced predictions with
Artificial Intelligence

Access valuable financial market insights and stock price predictions using machine learning to make informed, profitable decisions

The broad range of financial data includes  stocks and forex price forecasts using machine learning for 

1, 7 and 30-day horizons

Stock Price Predictions using a highly customized LSTM model
(Long-Short Term Memory)

Technical and fundamental stock data analysis using GPT-4o, the latest model from OpenAI, with over 165 features analyzed.

Technical and fundamental data reports using ChatGPT-4o

Analysis of stock charts in conjunction with technical data for precise forecasts to make smart decisions!

Charts also analyzed with the new GPT-4o!

Mobile Finance Forecasting

Check out our benefits and take advantage

Boost your investments with accurate price predictions using machine learning. Full access to all platform features.

Make informed decisions and conquer the financial market.

Mobile Finance Forecasting

About Forecasting Stocks

Forecasting Stocks wants to enhance your financial investment with never-before-seen technology

We are a financial data platform dedicated to providing accurate and valuable information. Our platform includes stock price predictions using machine learning, custom charts, and company-specific reports.

Our mission is to democratize access to reliable financial information and encourage investment with ease

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Mobile Finance Forecasting
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